Exercise to weight loss

With the medication I am on I have gained approximately three stones in weight. I can’t blame it all on the medication, my diet has been terrible and my exercise scarce but it wasn’t great before the medication and I wasn’t heavy then, so the medication is at least partially to blame. I have decided it is time to change.

So, today I took the plunge and bought myself an exercise bike. I’m trying not to think of what else I could have spent the money on but it’s cheaper than a gym membership (and I don’t like the gym so wouldn’t use it anyway).

I like the idea of an exercise bike because it is something I can do in the house when I’m on my own but it is also quiet enough not to annoy other people if they are in. (Actually it’s really quiet). I like the idea of doing my exercise alone, I’m also not a massive fan of doing it in front of other people – another reason I don’t like the gym.

The bike works both cardio and legs. I definitely need to improve my cardio and my thighs have always been large so any exercise that targets them will be great.

First workout went well. I managed 5k in just over 15 minutes. Not bad really and I am aiming to slowly increase the distance to 10k over the next month or so by going up about half a kilometre every two workouts. I have also found a simple HIIT (High intensity Interval Training) workout where you do 10 seconds high intensity and then 10 seconds rest, repeating for ten minutes. This is my plan for tomorrow so I will let you know how it goes.

Hopefully, this will result in weight loss or at least inch loss and a change in dress size over the next few months as well as making me generally more fitter.

As I am not a NT (neurotypical) I can’t really comment on how exercising as an Aspie is different or similar. I do get a bit of a rush of endorphins afterwards but not as much as I know my Mum and Dad get. I think that is why I have spent the day looking at goal setting and rewards but haven’t got anywhere yet. I quite liked a points system I found but that’s another post.






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