Muster on cruises

If you have never cruised then you have never endured a muster drill. A muster drill is required by maritime law on every cruise you take and I hate them.

Muster drills are not good for aspies. The cruise company pack everyone from your part of the shop into an area supposed to take about a quarter of the number. Then they proceed to play a message from the captain offer the internal tannoy system. Don’t get me started on tannoy systems and trying to process what is being said. Basically, they are preparing you for an emergency at sea. A bit like the safety checks you get on a plane.

I wish that cruise ships would consider people with hidden disabilities at muster. I do understand that I need to do it but I’m sure somewhere quieter could be arranged for people who need it instead of being packed into a cramped, smelly, noisy room that I can’t escape from.

What ell, another muster completed and I survived but I’m not impressed by the accessibility of it all.




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