A pocketful of monsters

Miniature monsters

Invisible to the eye

Personify life


I explain some of the Aspie problems I face as monsters I imagine I carry around with me in my pocket.  (I do know there aren’t really any monsters). Who says Aspies don’t have imaginations?

These cute little things cause me no end of trouble but they’re cute so we’ll let them off. I just have to find ways to tame them or use them to my advantage.

Here are some of the monsters:

Cacophony: The monster of noise that always turns the volume up! Everywhere we go he plays with the volume controls. He never turns them down though, which is a shame.

Shape Shifter: The smallest monster that clings to clothes making them itchy. I think he’s bullied in my pocket so he hangs on to where my labels should be instead, but he’s very itchy.

Attraction: She loves places with strong smells (don’t get me started on department shops and putting perfume right in the entrance). She is like a magnet for smells and then she still hangs round in my pocket, so the smells linger.

Dazz: The monster who can’t help himself but to use the lights as a playground which makes them flicker. Fluorescent lights are definitely his favourite. Since getting glasses Dazz’s antics seem to bother me less.

Squeezer: A furry monster that loves to join in hugs. His arms are extra long making it possible for him to reach around any hug going. He is definitely the cutest of the monsters, unfortunately he squeezes far too hard.

Tib: The travel monster that makes me feel sick in cars, boats (especially pirate ships at themes parks) and coaches. He doesn’t like planes though and tends to hide in my pocket during these.


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