Listening through headphones,

To drown out the sound,

It’ll still be there when you take them off,

So frighteningly loud.


Like a stalker who won’t leave you;

A ghost who can walk through walls,

A twin who knows your darkest fears.

“Don’t you dare!” he calls.


Reaching for the headphones,

To block out the vile voice.

A bit of peace. A bit of rest.

Your one and only choice.


It’s the only method of defence,

From an enemy you can’t see.

An enemy only I can hear,

That’s supposedly part of me


I’ll have to remove them at some point,

I can’t live in headphones forever.

Just two more minutes of peace from him.

But you know it’s now or never.


Taking them off it rushes back,

Like the tide coming into the shore,

Fast and furious, powerful and strong.

Never ending is the war.


So if you see me in headphones,

You’ll know the reason why,

To rest before I carry on the fight,

For if I didn’t I’d cry.


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