The dictionary defines normal as “usual, typical or expected” and “conforming to a standard”. (

So, my question today is, what does normal mean when referring to a human? What is a normal human?

I am well aware I am not “normal”. I’m quite proud of the fact that I am not “normal”. I like being atypical, unusual or unexpected but hypothetically if I wanted to be normal what would it look like?

So first, according to the definition a normal person would be usual. Usual is defined as “ordinary”. ( which can be defined as “mediocre”. ( I don’t want to be defined as mediocre but according to these definitions the first trait of somebody normal is that they are mediocre. So, that means, they are only okay at stuff, not brilliant. Immediately anybody who is brilliant or even good at something is not normal. That rules out all the athletes, authors, scientists, the list goes on. (Maybe my maths is wrong but statistics would say that usual has to be more prevalent than unusual, right?)

Now, if we look at typical in the dictionary is means “conforming to a particular type”. ( Lets assume for this particular discussion that the type we are referring to is human so a typical person would conform to human type. Now, I think I’m relatively clever but I have no idea what conforming to being human would be! I guess that some humans walk on two legs, but not all. Some humans speak, but not all. Some humans live in a society, but not all. The only one thing I can assume is that there is something to do with DNA that defines us as human and not dolphin but I will have to leave that explanation to expert biologists (who also are not mediocre so therefore not normal). I think I’ll leave this definition for now but feel free to comment if it makes sense to you.

The last of the three words was expected. Now expected means anticipated ( which is defined as “realize in advance that it may happen and you are prepared for it.” (

So, by this definition an expected human is one that you can prepare for, e.g. you know what’s coming. Now I have met a lot of people over the years and I rarely know what to expect. Even things I take for granted as a human, such as walking and talking while common cannot be expected just because they are human. Medical conditions can cruelly take these things away from people. Maybe they are the exception (and I know every rule has an exception) but there seems to be too many exceptions to make a rule here.

Finally, looking at the term “conforming to a standard”, what standard do humans have to reach? Have they got to be able to count, read, imagine, breathe? What is the basic standard of a human? I would hope being compassionate, non-judgemental and understanding would be the basic standards but I’ve met people that I would class as human without these basic standards so I’m guessing I am wrong.

In conclusion, a normal person is one I could expect, somebody who is only mediocre, someone who in my opinion should be; understanding, non-judgemental and compassionate and somebody who has the DNA of a human and not a dolphin.

I am glad that I am not normal because I would hate to live by my own definition. Nobody expects me to do the things I do, or say the things I say sometimes and to always have to be anticipated would surely make life boring. Also, I am not brilliant and know it but I would like to think I am more than mediocre in some things. I hope I’m compassionate, understanding and non-judgemental but as I doubt these are the standards they were talking about it’s quite irrelevant anyway.

I don’t think I’ve ever met, or am ever likely to meet a normal human so will people please stop referring to people as normal. I don’t think anybody would like to be “normal” after all.


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