Courage (a poem)

The waves kept pushing me downwards;

Forcing me into the abyss,

It kept rising high above me

My head, still underneath.


You can’t move quickly through water.

Your arms and legs are slow,

You try to move, force them through,

But they refuse to go.


You try to fight the drowning,

You try to swim against,

The torrent flowing on top of you,

Your whole body is tense.


You think you can make out the surface,

See where it will end.

But have you got the strength?

Has God anymore to lend?


Another wave crashes over you,

Forcing you back down,

You didn’t even get a last breath,

Before you’re about to drown.


Just one more push you think

I can’t stay down forever

“It will eventually let you up” they say

But to me, it seems like never.


Finally I’ve forced myself through

I’ve gotten out of bed

The waves of despair let me up

Just as people said.


It takes strength to do it once

For that I’m very sure

But courage to know that it’s a daily fight

That takes many months to cure.


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